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Our Females

​The Boerboel is a giant purebred known for being courageous, energetic, intelligent, loyal, protective, and social. The most common colors for Boerboels are black, brindle, brown, and red. To keep it healthy, it will need to get exercise regularly. Known to be multi-talented, the Boerboel participates in a wide variety of activities such as agility, carting, guarding, herding, lure coursing, obedience, tracking, and weight pulling.


Black Diamond
83.7% Appraisal Score


Black Pearl
80.9% Appraisal Score

African Import

Black Star
88.3% Appraisal Score

Allen's Virginia Pristine
93.6% Appraisal Score

Allen's Virginia Juicy
94.8% Appraisal Score

D&K 2nd to None Cashmere
90.2% Appraisal Score

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